Sunday, May 25, 2014

Big simple blocks

Yay, back in the sewing room!! As usual, I couldn't remember what I'd been doing when I left - there were some half-formed scrawls and one project I should be working on but didn't feel like it. So I asked myself what I really wanted to do - and it was big pretty blocks with white and clear colours. Something "modern". I thought about a proper granny square quilt, but it was a bit fiddly, so I decided on a modified block with nice big 5" squares. It looked a bit bland so I put a nine patch in the middle.

And this is it in reality! Brighter than perhaps a proper modern quilt should be but I can't seem to not put four hundred different fabrics in and the more they bounce off each other the better I like it. I'm sewing them together now and we'll see what to do about a border - I don't know if I can be bothered piecing a border so it might just be some (other) random fabric.

1 comment:

  1. i tend to "think" on paper, too. then when i find the scrap of paper i wonder what the heck i was thinking about! haha. your squares look nice and i'm anxious to see what the entire quilt will look like. that whole "modern" label that people seem to be throwing around just doesn't interest me all that much. i just do what i like. if it turns out looking modern, or traditional, or like crap, so be it! haha.