Sunday, May 4, 2014

The red centre

Our visitors are back home again now, but as a last outing we went to the Botanic Gardens (I know! how exciting are we all! rave on, people) to see the new red centre garden. They have re-created the desert centre of much of Australia - trucked in a heap of dirt and rocks apparently, and used an existing microclimate. It's new, so not very grown, but honestly? I don't think it's going to get much more exciting than this.

But it was interesting and there are good informative signs here and there, and we all learnt something (except for my children, who were off on an all-day playdate, which is why we got to read the signs in relative tranquillity). I just loved the statue of a thorny devil. It's about four feet high and luckily not life size (they are only about six inches long) but such a cool animal.

Here is a photo of me, with my brother, sister in law and nephew. We are a fairly tall family - I have heaps of wedding photos with my side of the family, where I look like a perfectly normal person; and then with my husband's side of the family, where I look like Andre the Giant in ivory brocade drag.

We had lunch in the cafe afterwards; sitting outside under the trees which was all very lovely until my husband got crapped on by an enormous currawong. It was like being pooped on by a small dog. From a height. Oh, how we laughed and laughed ...


  1. Never mind the ivory brocade - the first thing I thought when I saw your gorgeous cardy was 'that looks like a Kaffe Fasset stripe', love it.

  2. How lovely to be a tall person. I am a person who feels a normal size till I see myself in photos beside my tall husband and medium height children, at which point I look like a gnome. Ah well.

    Your Botanic Garden (or, this bit of it) could not look less like ours. Looks like a different planet. And we have no currawongs, which I have never heard of. Our Botanics has squirrels and pigeons.

  3. 'andre the giant in ivory brocade drag' - i can't stop laughing! remember him in the princess bride? 'anybody want a peanut?'. heeheehee. and i sympathize with your hubby. i remember walking through lincoln park zoo in chicago and a pigeon crapped on my head. that was the one and only reason that i jumped in the frigid water of lake michigan! had to wash that out of my hair! yuck!