Monday, June 2, 2014

A much better mood

It's still raining (and cold!) but the plumber came yesterday afternoon and cleared the drains - he says it is just tree roots and as long as we get them cleared every so often it should all be fine. Not that there's anything we could do about it if it wasn't, given that the blockages are under the house slab, we'd have to knock the house down to put new pipes in. So that was panic over, and we mopped out the laundry which made me feel MUCH better (with boiling water and bleach! not mucking about). And then the boys and I sat and watched Frozen on DVD (such catchy tunes) and I did the binding on the large modern quilt.

Isn't it pretty? Just what I felt like making, something cheerful and bright. It's not quite as restrained and minimal and modern as perhaps it could be, but I can't not put in a million fabrics whenever I get the chance. And I completely failed the maths on the border - it was meant to be that green dot all the way around but I totally stuffed up the calculations and there wasn't enough. So cornerstones there are! I could have gone back out to Spotlight to buy some more, but it's twenty minutes each way, plus time in their godawful queues and who really cares that much?

The quilting on the middle bits is boring old meandering and variants, but I did sunrays on the borders which I quite like. I marked the inner and outer circles (but not the width of the rays, they are a bit random) and it's turned out well. Another quilting design to add to the repertoire.

I called this quilt "Circles of Concern" because we had training at work on Tuesday, where they talked about those concepts - circles of influence and circles of concern from "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. And they are excellent and useful concepts, that I found interesting ... when I first heard about them.... in the 1990s.... there may have been some quilt design doodling during the workshop.


  1. the quilt is very pretty! i think having the different fabrics in the corners of the borders really sets it off nicely. not a mistake in calculations - you added a 'design element'! haha

    oh, please do not take me back to those stupid workshops... i had a hard enough time staying awake through them the first time around! oh, and do you remember - motivational tapes? ugh. seriously, people, i'm coming to this freaking job every day for a paycheck, not a life changing experience!

  2. If you hadn't mentioned running out of fabric I would never have guessed. I like the bright colours and the quilted sunrays look really good.