Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back home

I  came home from Indonesia on the weekend ... eventually ... a bit delayed but I got back to Canberra eventually and it is FREEZING! The temperature today and yesterday hasn't got above 8 degrees and there is a cold biting wind that drops the perceived temperature down below zero ... which is cold. I went for a swim this morning - they have toddler classes in it and it is always beautifully warm. I sort of dropped to the bottom and sat there for a while, thawing out.

I quilted this one this afternoon - it's a charity quilt and I didn't make it (or pin it! Yay!). I will do more of these once I figure out how to drop them off and pick them up. It's good practice and they go to people who appreciate them, apparently. Although when I did the quilting bee one lady saw me peering doubtfully at my own handwork and reassured me that lots of the quilt receipients are legally blind. Good-oh.


  1. i like the swirls and feathers! good job! you are braver than me... i keep falling back on my old standby of 'loopy loops'... haha.

  2. Btw have bought some more hand printed squares of fabric for you. These are a little thick, so not sure what yo can do with them. If you likey, I buy more....South Africa is super cool for fabrics