Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A long weekend

It was the Queen's Birthday long weekend here last weekend so we headed off down the beach. We hadn't been there at all in May so this was our first winter trip - the end of April was really still the end of summer, or possibly early autumn. But this was definitely winter; first thing was to try and sort out the gas heater which we'd never used before. Once we figured it out (turning the gas on was a good start) it was very efficient and the little house is just cosy and lovely. Perfect for winter getaways although we all agreed we need to be more organised with things to do. We are too used to just relying on surfing and swimming for entertainment.

The weather was beautiful and warm in the sun, but we didn't swim. Paddling, but no actual immersion. Lots of long walks - I went all the way round the headland at high tide which was interesting. Some bits were a scramble ... it all looks very different when the rocks are covered.

Sunday we went for a drive, had lunch out and explored some of the beaches a bit further south. This is number one son, on a rock. Drawn to water like a magnet...

And this is him not getting wet. No, no not at all, don't be silly mum, I'm fine.


  1. Gee, that looks good. How was the winter fishing? Dad

  2. He was going to get up first thing Monday morning and go out - but it was BUCKETING down so didn't. But we went to the place past the airport on Sunday and there were heaps of people having success in an excellent looking gutter ... maybe next time.

  3. beautiful pictures! thanks for sharing.