Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sidetracked by more crumbs

I'm still going on those little pink squiggles, but I took a break and did some piecing using crumb blocks. Of which I still have hundreds - but luckily I still like them and I think I have a lot more scrappy crumb quilts in my future. I made this block with blue solids.

It's based on one of the Tula Pink blocks from my Christmas present book - I really just opened it at random and picked a block to make. I am liking this book more and more. I re-sized it to fit the crumb blocks, and then made the outer border thinner because it looked too blue. But the idea is the same...

I have made 16 blocks so now have to think about a border. Something pieced, because it's looking a bit bland and square at the moment. Thank you for your excellent comments on my towels post! It is so nice to get reassurance that my satisfaction in solving minor household management problems isn't some strange character defect. And such good tips - I will try to get everyone to pair socks together! My Dad is staying at the moment and he always mutters darkly about me stealing his socks (as if...) 


  1. oh i like your blocks! very creative! what about a border of some larger print material? simple, because it will be one piece of material, but interesting because it will have a pattern. just a thought!

  2. Lovely!

    Hope the sock thing works! I wish I'd thought of it much earlier in my children's lives. I had already wasted the best years of mine on socks... .