Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A weekend away

It was a long weekend for Canberra Day so we packed up the kids and my Dad and went down the beach for three days. Dad hadn't seen our new place, so that was exciting - he liked it although despite numerous attempts couldn't actually catch a fish. He says we just need to keep trying all the various spots until we know what we're doing ... sounds like a long and boring journey to me, but I do like fresh fish, so if someone else is willing to experiment I will be mildly supportive.

The weather was mostly beautiful with some cloudy mornings - we went for a long walk round the headland one morning. It's a nature reserve, and quite pretty, but a bit further that we'd expected! A lot of whining and asking to be carried (and that was just me! boom boom).

This is looking back at our main surf beach. The headland is very sheltered, good for rock pools and might be fun to snorkel (if you could be bothered carrying the gear around). The water temperature was gorgeous and much warmer than four weeks ago. I'm not sure why, I think there was a cold current that swept up and now it's gone.

Even so, I wormed myself into my wetsuit for the first time in fifteen years! We bought them when we lived in Papua New Guinea and did a bit of scuba diving ... then fifteen years in a cupboard. They're only shorties not full length but needless to say I looked like a black and red overstuffed sausage. Not a good look,  but it absolutely did the trick in keeping me warm. I think it will extend the swimming season by a good few weeks at either end - and I will run the risk of horrifying the locals. Mind you it's no beauty contest at the best of times. A nice beach for fat families and wrinkly retirees.

These were the stones on the walk. I quite like the grey and brown working together - not normally two colours I would choose to use.


  1. that picture of stones is very pretty. it would make a nice puzzle.

  2. How strange... or maybe it's not (what do I know?) that the stones on your beach, all that way round the world, look just like the pebbles on a Scottish one. Or as we might call them, chuckies.