Sunday, March 30, 2014

Greys, the returning

So I had another go at dyeing some greys. It was OK, but not fabulous. A lot of them are more mauve or some other colour rather than really grey. If I want to do this grey quilt (and I'm losing enthusiasm, I tend to go off ideas within a couple of days if I can't do them RIGHT NOW) I will have to go to the store boughts. Anyway this is the second lot.

It was starting to rain when I took this picture a couple of days ago and it hasn't stopped since! How fabulous is that, after such a hot and dry summer. We were worried about some big trees but this should set them up for a while longer. If it clears up tomorrow I should get out and pull some weeds while the ground is still soft ... or perhaps I could go to the bookfair. Or maybe the shops. I spent a happy couple of hours trying to find plain black work shoes this afternoon - no luck of course because I want them to be incredibly comfortable while looking like they're agonisingly painful ... not sure such shoes exist. I want them to look like this-
and feel like this - 

I may be out of luck. Still, it was nice just to potter around on my own out of the rain and try lots of things on and not buy them. I know it doesn't sound like everyone's idea of fun but I very much enjoyed myself. 


  1. Hush puppies! They are my favourite teaching shoes! You can find ones that look really nice and they are so comfortable I can wear them walking around a classroom all day. We have a Hush Puppies store now which is so much better than having to pick from 3 pairs at Hannahs.

  2. i like the purples. they remind me of a stormy sky. maybe you should go with that theme since it's raining. hee hee. do you get tornados in your area? i might have asked that before. we are in the midwest and when it storms badly we have to be concerned about tornados. consequently, i spend a lot of time in the basement during stormy weather...

  3. I laughed at your enthusiasm for rain. We had a very wet day today and didn't feel half so appreciative as you sound.