Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm a proper quilter now

Proof I'm a proper quilter? I bought a whole roll of batting.

Isn't it beautiful? 30 metres of batting, just waiting for quilt after quilt after quilt. Once you take shipping into account it's about a three quarters the price it would have cost me in the shops - so not a huge saving but worth doing - but the main thing is having it there ready to go whenever I am! My local quilt shop is closed Sundays and Mondays and public holidays, which is when I'm usually wanting to pin something up, so having the batting on hand will be lovely. And it's so pretty and pristine all in its lovely plastic wrapping ... full of potential.

Last night was Canberra's Skyfire - annual fireworks and concert - I asked the boys if they wanted to make an evening of it by the lake or just walk up the hill behind our house and they voted for the latter! Which is fine by me, I can have a glass of wine with dinner at home, no parking hassles and back in the house by 9.30 :) My husband ruled himself out to watch a rugby game with my Dad and a friend down from Sydney who is also staying the weekend. They were going to go to the game but realised tickets would cost $120 and putting the sports channel on Foxtel would cost $14.95 ... so now we have the sports channels for the month. Which means my Dad will be glued to the sofa for the remainder of his stay :) He does love sport. All sport.

Anyway it was a lovely night for a bushwalk in the dark - a beautiful full moon and when we got to our favourite vantage point Canberra's lights spread out in front of us. We watched three planes land and picked out some constellations before the fireworks started.

It is kind of hard to take good photos of fireworks from half a mile away on an iphone ... but they were very spectacular and we enjoyed it very much. These were just the little ones - they went about ten times higher with lots of twinkling and sparkling and oohs and aahs (from me, mostly).


  1. I dream of having a roll of batting to rip into whenever I want, nowhere to put it sadly :(

    Sometimes I think that is why my quilts don't get finished very quickly, if the batting was right to hand then it would be much easier to baste the quilt up ready for the next step, instead they get folded in the cupboard and wait.

  2. You mean you doubted whether you were a proper quilter???

  3. ah, a beautiful sight... a new roll of batting! when i go to the quilt show in paducah in april i already have plans to bring a roll back from hancocks of paducah. it takes up my entire back seat of the car, but so worth it not to have to pay shipping!