Thursday, March 20, 2014

Coconut ice

I'm writing this from bed - nothing major just some sniffly cold but I'm under the duvet and getting some rest so it doesn't get any worse. I should be at work but they will just have to struggle on without me :) I bailed on the final baseball game (and end-of-season pizza) last night to come home and sit quietly, which is a sure sign there's something wrong. Knocking back pizza! Unheard of.

Anyway I took these photos yesterday when I was mobile so now I can show you the big pink crumb quilt - I've called it Coconut Ice because it is exactly that lolly pink and cream that school fete coconut ice always used to be. And probably still is. Just a traditional Bears Paw with random triangles for the claws.

It's busy, with not a lot of places for the eye to rest, but I like it. The quilting is dense, and I'm not sure about the patterns I did in the cream, but it's all an experiment! I used up lots more crumb blocks in the border but I still have MILLIONS in the drawer. Which is just fine, I have a heap more ideas. I'm toying with entering this one in the exhibition, it's lurid enough to make an impact from across the room.

My dad says to tell you that he did catch fish down the beach - in fact he caught five fish - but he had to throw them back because they were too small.  He was concerned that I had maligned his fish-catching abilities, which are unparallelled; it's just that Australian fish need to grow a bit, not like properly-sized New Zealand fish.


  1. the quilt is stunning! you really should enter it in the competition. i think your quilting on it is very creative and it must have taken a long time to do all that. great job!

  2. I think the white areas give a place for the eye to rest. It does remind me of Coconut Ice but there are also a lot of Licorice Allsorts in there too :)