Sunday, August 25, 2013


Winter ends in about two days in Canberra ... one day you're completely encased in woolly clothes and thinking it might snow, and then half a week later the blossoms are out, the daffodils are up and everything's sparkly. And then sometime in October it will go into full-on summer and stay there until March. I like the change of seasons but it seems to be happening every second day now! Because I am getting so old. This pink blossom is up the street and it is SO pretty.

This is the Manchurian pear tree on the border of our driveway - another pretty tree. Beautiful autumn foliage too.

I managed to get out for a walk this morning; this weekend has been a bit of a shambles. We were going to go for a nice long walk yesterday morning but number two son had a bit of a cold which gives him asthma, so me and him stayed home in the sunshine while the other two climbed Mt Ainslie. Steep apparently, and millions of people. And then my husband's week of leave came to a crashing halt as he had to work Saturday afternoon and evening - and he's just gone back in again! Actual meetings too, which means he puts on his suit and tie. I think if you have to go in on the weekend you should wear your trackpants, just to make a point, but he disagrees.

So today's little walk on my own was a nice oasis of tranquility - and wattle! The wattle are out and the hills are a carpet of yellow. Murder if you suffer from hay fever apparently, but I don't, and I love yellow, so wattle is a favourite.

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  1. nice pics! lots of vibrant color happening there. we are having hot hot hot weather here. in the 90's and humid. supposed to be 97 one day next week. not looking forward to it. my hubby has been on vacation all week and has to go back to work in the factory monday. and it will be hot in there, that's for sure!