Sunday, August 11, 2013


While I was tidying up and clearing out last week I found a big tub of odd blocks and bits of blocks - including dozens of half square triangles in different sizes. So I made a quilt out of them - the polka dot blocks in the centre and down the right side are new, but otherwise entirely from pre-existing HSTs, and a few flying geese. There are a number of past projects in there and it was fun trying to remember them all ... although some are still a mystery.

I called it "Freezer Surprise" which is a meal we have every few weeks ... when there are three fish fingers, two sausages, a piece of steak and half a loaf of garlic bread lurking in the freezer. Not enough singly for a meal so I just cook it all and put it in the table (and say "surprise!" because you know, it's a mum joke). The boys love it because it is never health food, but it's not exactly a gourmet feast. Anyway this quilt is a bit like that - random leftovers.

I used the opportunity to re-try free motion quilting with my new machine in these bumpity rows. It was good because I used lots of different colours - so tried lots of different threads. And the machine is most happy with basic Gutermann polyester! Can you believe that - after stashing all that lovely cotton Aurifil this machine finds it a bit weak and prefers the poly. I have no problem with polyester thread so will use the cotton for piecing and straight line quilting. It was a good exercise anyway, particularly on such a raggle taggle quilt.

The cat wanted to know what I was doing, but wandered off in the middle of my explanation to poop in the garden. Charming.


  1. For leftovers it has come together really well - great movement through the triangles.

  2. very fun quilt - congrats! oooh kitty!

  3. i LIKE it! very colorful and really pretty.