Saturday, August 31, 2013

Clamshells done

I don't know why I haven't posted all week - it's not as though there has been anything particularly interesting or busy going on here. Maybe it's all the spring flowers distracting me. I've quilted and bound my very bright and cheerful clamshells - I wanted to call it "Cupcake Fairy Unicorn Blossom" because it's so pink and girly ... but the boys thought that was far too sooky a name for a quilt and it needed something tougher so I changed it to "Shredder Ripjaw". Hah! That'll teach them. The boys are always very interested in the names I call quilts but their suggestions are universally hopeless.

I quilted it in an all over pattern from a book called "Mindful Meanderings" which I like - the book has lots of quite simple quilting patterns with variations on a few themes. I used one that goes in rows that I think looks a bit like a kite.

Maybe it's clearer from the back ... or maybe not. Anyway it was quite straight forward to do and it's not the kind of design or colours for elaborate quilting!


  1. Naming quilts is always fun. Matthew has christened my latest quilt 'stupid decision' because I refused to follow his advice on the layout.
    The annoying thing is I think he was right.

  2. had to laugh at both your names for the quilt! you did a great job on the quilting.