Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tahitian Women bound and finished!

And who knows what kind of hits that title will get me! But given that my readership is in the single digits (immediate family and the VERY discerning) it's probably a good thing to have some random traffic. So I have hand quilted Tahitian Women in a simple grid in big stitch, and bound it in a pink and blue print, and here it is!

Excuse the appalling photo - I can't get outside to put it on the clothesline because we are being deluged by the most rain in memory ... apparently we reached our March average rainfall at 6 am on March 1st, and currently an area around us the size of Finland is under flood alert. Or was it Denmark? Some small European country.

Here's a close up to show the quilting and the colours, and below is the back. I had two spare blocks (despite counting them dozens of times, how can that happen?) so pieced them into the backing.
And this is the rug that I took the photos on - it came back with a friend from posting in Turkey; we bought it from her "rug man" months ago via phone and emailing of photos, but hadn't seen it in person until the week before last when her full shipment arrived. Isn't it gorgeous? According to the rug man it's a 70 year old Romanian gypsy kilim ... I would have thought the early 1940s wasn't a peak time to be making rugs if you were a Romanian gypsy, but I'm not going to argue with the rug man.


  1. I'm basking in the knowledge that I'm very discerning.

    I do like the way you write. And quilt. And I like your rug.

  2. Everything that the last comment said plus a little bit more!

  3. maybe the rug man meant that a 70 year old romanian gypsy made the rug, and it really was made in the 1940's? lol