Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who sews in hotel rooms?

One of the things that impresses me most about the quilting blogging teaching travelling ladies is their ability to sew in hotel rooms. The logistics scare me a bit, cords and machines and lighting. But even more, there is something about a room that is not my own and that I don't have to clean that makes me want to lie around in my undies eating chinese takeaway and watching trashy television. I have learned how to do work in a hotel room (through bloody necessity) but useful hobby time? Never. I can't even knit.

This is my current hotel in Vanuatu - and very nice it is too. I am here for a short burst of work, and enjoying it. My Dad is at home looking after the children (I skyped them this morning and number one son said "Are you in Vanuatu? Since when?" I swear I did tell him I was going.)

I also have an Amiable Travelling Companion (a thing to be valued! A non-ATC can put a major dampener on your day).


  1. i do sew in my hotel room on the infrequent trips i make. i've also sewn on the deck outside our camping trailer on a card table. when my friend and i travel to quilt shows we bring our machines and set them up, either on a little table or desk or even dresser in the room. if we get a cabin, there's usually a kitchen table to use, plus we bring the card table which folds up nicely and lays flat in the trunk of the car. okay, i'm babbling, but i do enjoy sewing in the hotel room. i think it's because i don't have to do anything else - laundry, cook, clean house, dishes, etc...

  2. It's well seen that you're not a teacher. The furthest I've ever been for work is Glasgow, 6 miles away, in the conference room of a football club. Not glamorous.

    Should you be lying around in your undies with your ATC, however A he may be? Just asking. Teachers wouldn't do that sort of thing. Well, actually, my friend J might, given the opportunity...

  3. No no, Glasgow is 60 miles away. Makes all the difference. Practically world travel.

  4. The good thing about crafts and arts is that you can still practice your skill and hobby. Others may find their hotel rooms suitable for their craft. And doing something in a new place or environment can give you some inspiration and fresh ideas. I think it is not a bad idea though. You should try it sometimes. If it doesn’t work for you, you can still enjoy the luxury of the space. :-) [Cami Collazo]