Saturday, March 17, 2012

Turned out fine

The technique might be crap but the result was perfectly fine. There probably are seeds and twigs in that quilt somewhere, but I can't find them. And after a wash it doesn't even smell like burnt paper. I wanted to call it "Lumpy Bumpy and Wrinkly" but I thought that was a bit mean for a very inoffensive quilt, so I changed it to "Lions and Tigers and Bears". Oh my!

I did a very lazy meander on this - nothing at all in the shoo fly blocks and a machine-quilted squiggle in the zig zags. Definitely a utilitarian quilt. Dad said that the quilts I left with him have been snaffled by extended family members and are currently on beds! Isn't that nice? So much better than cupboards. The real challenge is getting the quilts across the Tasman in these luggage-allowance-straitened times.

In a comment on my last post Isabelle asked why I keep looking different in photos, she thinks she knows what I look like and then I change. It's not going to get any better I'm afraid - my face is a melange of several different faces, and what I look like depends on which one is winning. For example, I have the sparse, frizzy hair and pursed lips of a disapproving seventy-eight year old PLUS the maniacal eyes and worried grooves of many mothers of small boys PLUS the up-tilted chin and pompous cheeks of a middle-aged lawyer and boss who is not used to being interrupted while I am speaking (teachers tend to run to these too Isabelle, I am sure you have seen it!). Sadly, no photo can capture that complete freak show.


  1. your quilt turned out very nice, sticks and all!

  2. Chortle. Not at all - you look nice in them all - just variable. (Teachers, pompous? Surely not!)

  3. I love this quilt...all 96x96 of it! Do you ever "link up' your finishes??? I am sure there are MANY out there who would love to see them...and would chuckle along with the rest of your blog, like me :) Happy quilting!!