Thursday, March 8, 2012

What shall we call this?

I cannot stop using scraps! It must be something about having cut them all into strips and put them into bags ... the little ziploc bags call to me ("Lynley... Lynley .... sew me") and rustle with possibilities. So I used the 2.5 inch strips and cut out 96 sets of 8 squares.

And I'm making them into these 49 patch blocks. I can't find a name for these blocks but I know I've seen this somewhere. The trouble is, because I can't remember their name, I can't google them to find out what their name is ... it's a terrible bind. There is a specific way you arrange the fabrics, it's not completely scrappy. I love that depending on where you put the darks and the lights they can look quite different. I'm using all sorts of fabric but trying to limit the colours in each block.

On the down side, I haven't bought any fabric for ages because I've hardly made a dent in the accumulated yardage. I have three spaces for folded yardage in my five-by-five Ikea Expedit bookcase (the storage choice of impoverished quilters the world over) and I do my stash management by buying more when they look a bit empty; and stopping shopping when I can't cram in any more in. A low tech solution for me!

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