Monday, February 27, 2012

Golden yellow

And here's another dye that does what it says on the box - golden yellow! What a goldeny yellow it is. That's the end of the dyeing for now, I don't do any over winter because I tend to get unpredictable results. It's not winter yet - nowhere near! - but I won't buy any more fabric until the spring. Unless of course, it's really really cheap, because I cannot resist a bargain.

I haven't had much chance to do any sewing lately, with work and school and doing all the family driving. It's probably good to have a rest, I suppose ... and think about other things for a while! Politics has been highly enteraining in Australia at the moment with leadership challenges ... I have a great deal of respect for the current prime minister but I think I'm the only one. At least it looks like she'll get a bit longer in the job.

I can't write any more because number one son is leaning over my shoulder and commenting on what I write. I have already told him to go away but he is still sitting. And not helping at all :(

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