Friday, February 3, 2012

Dyeing quietly

I've been working my way through the white homespun I bought a while back - it's taking a dye really well. I find the fabric I buy wildly variable, even when it is labelled the same and costs the same from the same place. I haven't had any real failures - but some seem to take the colour with more intensity, and there is definitely a big difference when you go to sew them! But the variety is part of the fun I think.

When I folded my dyed fabric I realised that what I used most of are the saturated colours. I thought I might find a preference for yellow, or blue, but it seems that I have equivalent amounts of pale and muddy in every shade. So I'm trying to rebuild the dense colours with oodles of dye and letting it go down the drain (gasp!) rather than keeping on making paler colours. Sometimes I can't help myself though.

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