Monday, February 6, 2012

Not nearly enough sewing

I can hear the siren call of the sewing room as I walk past it, with arms full of laundry, or filing, or stagger my way exhausted to bed ... I'm exaggerating terribly of course - it's just the last few days of holiday and there seem to be a million things to do and it's SO hard to get back up to speed! The boys are back at school tomorrow which everyone is really looking forward to. They went and saw the class lists this morning, and they have almost all their friends in the same classes with them, which is lovely.

The one-armed man is managing to beat me at table tennis, even with the injury. How humiliating! This is at our friends' house, but we're thinking this might be a very good idea for us. We can park the cars on the street .... Yesterday was a lovely warm day for a change so we went over for lunch and a swim. And what's good to do after a dip in the pool ... chasing chickens!!!! They were very docile little chooks and the kids completely fell in love.

But we're not getting any - one morning this week my husband opened the curtains downstairs and startled a fox on the pathway with a very dead chicken in its mouth. We haven't asked the neighbours, but the foxes rarely stop at one, so I think someone had a sad morning in the suburbs. And here's a good photo to post on the last day of the holidays!!!

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  1. this year my friend from work lost all her chickens to a family of foxes and her dad lost his to something also. no, wait, her dad's chickens quit laying and ended up in the freezer.... lol. anyway, i know my friend was pretty irritated with the fox, because not only had she gotten at the chickens, she had the nerve to have pups under her shed!

    looks like the last day of vacation for the kids was a good one. bet you are really ready to get back to a normal routine and have them gone to school all day again. i remember those days... sigh. my babies are 21 and 22 now!