Sunday, January 29, 2012

The wonderfully good and the awfully bad

The good was a wonderful weekend at the beach - relaxed and fun! Lots of waves, not too hot (even a bit cloudy some days), friends coming down to join us and plenty of beer, bubbly and burning marshmallows! Lovely. Not too much high fashion or gorgeous bodies though, obviously.

The bad was my husband pitching down the stairs while he was unpacking the car and landing with his full weight on his arm. Broke his two forearm bones very comprehensively yesterday and is still in hospital waiting for surgery, he'll need pins and plates - hopefully they'll be able to do it tomorrow. Just one orthopaedic theatre open on the weekend apparently, and he's not urgent enough to make the cut! My poor wounded bear ... doesn't this picture just make you wince?


  1. ouch! that just looks awful! many years ago my daughter broke her pinky finger and when they took the x-ray, it was going straight out, the wrong direction, on her hand. that made me wince, too! sure hope all goes well with hubby.