Sunday, January 1, 2012

Something old and something new

I'm over in New Zealand visiting my Dad for a few days - after the travelling to PNG and back was so easy I felt healthy enough to take a short trip over the Tasman and catch up with the family. The boys were completely outraged that I wasn't taking them ... but from all accounts they are having a lovely time at home doing boy things (lots of lamb chops and computer games I think. And ten pin bowling).

This is the something new of my title - my Christmas present of a set of Aurifil threads. I sent my husband the link ages ago and suggested it would make a good present - he dutifully ordered it but was a bit bemused ..."I thought it would be something more exciting than just threads". Poor man doesn't get it it all!!! Beautiful Aurifil threads in all these colours - how could anything be more exciting? (I've already started using the pink).

And a new ruler. I've been using this on the new scrap quilt I shouldn't have started before I finished Roll Roll Cotton Boll ... but I did, and it's fun.

There have been lots of somethings old too - Dad helpfully dragged out at least five boxes of my stuff from the top of the cupboard in the spare room .... and gently suggested I sort and/or throwaway. Most of it is old school notes and uni notes - it's scary how much stuff I have completely forgotten - and I'm chucking all that out. The rest are old letters from friends and family - the ancient age of post! And some truly excruciating teenage diaries and some even more mindblowingly appalling teenage poetry. If I ever get brave [drunk] enough I will put some examples here for your literary pleasure.

Dad also has a couple of suitcases that used to live under his mother's bed - old linens, laces and clothes. My aunt has labelled some bits but some are complete mysteries, and I don't know enough to tell Victorian handmade from sixties machine nylon. I think both are in there :)

This is, according to my aunt's label, "bodice from great-grandmother's going away dress - 1850?". It is a plaid silk in shades of brown and gold with tan-coloured fringing. Hand stitched and boned to fit a tiny frame!! Amazing.

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