Thursday, January 12, 2012

Florabunda blocks

I've finished all my pink and yellow Jacob's Ladder blocks - I shouldn't keep calling it Florabunda because it has no florals, but I can't think of another name yet. I laid them out on the bed for placement then sewed them together. I am very pleased with how they turned out - I was a bit worried because I had selected the scraps based on colour rather than value. So the pinks were sometimes light and sometimes dark and the diagonals were receding and advancing all over the place! I've decided to call this "optical interest".

The cats weren't super impressed that I was putting the blocks on top of them, although I did leave them airholes.

And my third "helper" was number one (idiot) son ... still in his pyjamas at lunchtime! We are having a lovely holiday so far. I have a list of leaving-the-house activities, things I know they would enjoy, but it's hard to get excited about going anywhere when they are incredibly content just to hang at home. Yesterday they wanted to fly a kite, and today they're going to make a tent out of sheets in the back yard ... it's just too wholesome for words. If it carries on like this they'll stop swearing and thumping each other soon (no chance, I'm dreaming....) Although I've stopped counting Monopoly as a wholesome activity when I realised they were playing it as a contact sport. In my day when you landed on Free Parking you just got some money...


  1. i'm almost afraid to ask what they do when they land on free parking... kids, cats, and quilt blocks are all looking good! since snow is in the forecast for us tonight, i'm not thinking about summer vacation. however, i'm guessing your kids are now home for summer vacation from school?

  2. I was thinking the same thing what do they do? The quilt looks nice by the way.

  3. I may have misheard it from the next room but it sounded like you could take the money OR do some "free smacking".

  4. I loved this post! It made me laugh. I love that your cats would remain in situ too. My silly psycho would be off like a shot!