Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back with my family [sewing machine]

It is lovely to be home again - even just after an excellent six day adventure - back in the sunshine! and heat! I came home Thursday evening and had to work on Friday - but that was OK because I have the next three weeks off to look after the boys and hang out at home. My husband has already done ALL the cool things to do with kids in Canberra, so they could be in for a very boring time with boring mum. My aim is to get them so bored that they are begging to go back to school! Optimistic?

I leapt straight back into my Florabunda ... well, it's not actually Florabunda, but based on the same principle of Bonnie's cheddar and floral Jacob's Ladder. I'm using pink instead of yellow, and mostly yellow prints in place of florals. I have pre-cut the strips for each block and then I use my nifty little angle ruler to cut the triangles as I go. It's very more-ish - you can't just stop at one - so I've spent most of today happily back in the sewing room.

And look what else I'm doing - spinning my seams!!! I never do things properly, but for some reason I gave this a go, and it's very easy and makes the seams lie beautifully flat. I really should listen when people say things are a good idea, because quite often they are right.

I also nipped out to Spotlight and bought another dozen metres of white fabric for dyeing. Number two son came too - unexpectedly! I usually can't pay them to go to Spotlight - but he bought some beads and has made a bracelet, it's very cute. He's very cute too. For some reason I'm still on NZ time and have woken up at 6 am for the last two mornings. It gives you so much more day!

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  1. the quilt squares look neat! glad you are home, safe and sound.