Monday, January 9, 2012

I was a strange child

Here's another treasure that was unearthed at Dad's. A doily set that I embroidered sometime between my tenth and twelth birthdays. What kind of kiddy does this - especially in the early 1980s? Even then these things no longer existed in everyday use; or certainly not in anyone under the age of 70. I think my grandma kept her hairbrushes on a set on top of her dresser but nobody else did.

There's a main one, and two smaller ones, for scent bottles perhaps. A hairbrush, a comb, and a hand mirror. On the top of the chest of drawers. What universe is this that has such strange things in it?

I didn't do such a bad job considering my age ... and my chronic lack of attention to detail in any aspect of hand work. Sometimes my mother would made me unpick things, but I think I was ignoring her, even that early (ignoring didn't really kick in until I was about 14 :). My grandma did wonderful crochet, so I'm fairly sure she did the edging. I never learnt to crochet, which is a bit disappointing in hindsight! I might put it on the list of things to teach myself; along with drawing and self-control.


  1. Very nice job. When I was between 10-15 I did alot of cross stiching and latch hook rugs. My mom thought I was nuts. I thought it was no fair that only her and my sister got to do pretty crafts. While I stoped because I was too much a man for that. Times have changed and I recently started quilting. Guess its never too late.

    Richard Healey

  2. when i was a kid i lived with my great grandparents and visited with my grandparents a lot. i did quite a bit of cross stitch and crochet projects. i think they thoght it would keep me occupied and quiet... hahaha you did a nice job on those pieces!

  3. It is such a shame that embroidery such as this is out of vogue. I guess everyone is just too darn busy! I used to love to crochet, but now it too, is out of fashion.