Monday, October 3, 2011

Pros and cons

I finished the radiotherapy last week, which is good. I am now burnt, flaking, itchy, raw and tired, which is bad. I can't do anything that requires stretching or extending my left arm, which is bad. I can't hang out washing, load and unload the dishwasher or lift pots and pans, which is good. But I can't pin quilts or sew any seam of more than about a metre, which is bad.

So I'm sewing small things and waiting until I heal to pin up and do the big stuff. I've put my scrap 16-patches together and made 96 flying geese for the border, but can't do any more for the moment. I'm going to do the flying geese border in a quilt as you go variant - where you pre-quilt the middle then sew the borders (unquilted) directly to the middle then quilt. I think it makes perfect sense :). I made four different sorts of flying geese, one for each side.

I've turned the leftover two-inch strips from the pineapple blossom into some nine-patches. I don't know what they'll be for but it was fun to do.

And I've watched a lot of footy of various codes. A brilliant AFL Grand Final, an excellent NRL Grand Final, an OK showing by the Wallabies although they are NOT looking like tournament winners I have to say. I think they'll get knocked off by South Africa next week and not even make the semis (oh the horror! the national shame!). Then I can cheer for Ireland because they have the cutest accents.


  1. just take care of yourself and heal up, gal! sew when you want, sleep when you want, and get better. (i'm guessing 'footie' is soccer?) do you call it football? i'm sure you know what we call football is a different sport. been watching a lot of that today (sunday). our household roots for the chicago bears.

  2. Thank goodness for sport. The Wallabies have made it through (I am a bit behind in my blogging!) and I hadn't given them a chance either. Now for the Kiwis!! Hope you are on the mend and feeling better.