Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cupcakes - real ones this time

Food colouring is the boys favourite ingredient. Green pikelets, blue icing, orange pancakes... and pink cupcakes. I was quite surprised just how pink they turned out to be.

And bright blue icing covered in sprinkles (the boys call them) and hundreds and thousands (I call them). We have a few Australia / NZ dialect differences, my children and I. Sometimes I win - they say the letter H as 'aitch' and not 'haitch', and the queen lives in a 'cahstle' not 'cassell'. Sometimes the Aussie wins and the boys definitely go to the swimming 'poowill' not 'pull'. And sometimes there is just a yawning vocabulary chasm when I ask them about jandals or sticking plasters.

Baseball started again this morning which introduces another layer of weird linguistic diversity. Batterup!

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  1. Your blog has featured some beautiful food lately Lynley- yum! Aren't those food colourings BRIGHT! I went to a morning tea on Saturday and we had Rainbow Cake, thin layers of cerise, purple, bright green, yellow,orange and electric blue (like your cupcakes) all glued together with the yummiest icing. It looked bizarre but was actually really nice. Have a great week.