Sunday, October 16, 2011

A good week ... with dessert

The boys have been up at the beach all week with their grandparents - having a wonderful time swimming, canoeing, bike riding and walking by the sounds of it ... and falling asleep at the dinner table every night! Well planned, Nan and Poppy. It was the longest we have ever been without them and their first plane flight on their own - and it all went just fine. Of course.

Despite missing them a teeny little bit, we had the most wonderful week - even both being busy at work was a treat - we could stay late and fuss about our own little corners of the working world without also having to wrangle the boys. We went out to several lovely dinners - including one at the Argentinian Ambassador's residence - Hola Argentina! and did the fancy four-course at a restaurant in town. I made my husband take a photo of the dessert which was crepes suzette flaming beautifully - except the flames don't show in the photo. But you can see the mandarin sorbet and various foams (of course! bloody foams) and it was absolutely delicious.

But, to be honest, not as delicious as the poached pears in saffron with golden syrup ice cream that a friend made for us for lunch the next day. That was just amazing. She didn't mind I took a photo either.

There was also heaps of time for sewing. I quilted the little cot quilt - straight lines in the middle and feathers in the border.

I did just one long feather and I'm not sure if there's enough variety to look super good, but geez it was easy.

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  1. the quilt looks really pretty and i'm impressed with your feather border! i like it! (and i think i would like that poached pear too.... yum!)