Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm painting again. Number two son had his birthday last week and we gave him a decent set of paints / brushes / paper for his own, seeing that he was so interested in mine. So he painted, and I painted, and number one son painted, and we made a mess all together.

I'm going back to the watercolour instruction book after getting the humph with it. I wasn't too sure about the landscapes, but let's face it, the flowers weren't so crash hot either. So the book and I worked step by step through a mountain cabin. The book did this:

I did this:
Number one son did this:

Number two son did this:

Then we gave up and put a DVD on.


  1. Lynley, your posts always give me a laugh!!!! I can just imagine the artists at work.

  2. don't ever sell yourself short - you are a talented painter! :)