Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunshine quilt finished

My little cot quilt is quilted and bound, and none of the piecing flaws seem quite so problematic any more. I enjoyed machine quilting this - the flowers are done in parallel lines and the inner orange/yellow border is my first attempt at free-hand feathers. And they're great! not my particular ones of course, but the general concept. I'll use them again - and practice will make them better.

I was a bit worried that the second border of diagonal parallel lines would become uneven, so decided to do it continuously; that is, to go across the bottom of the border and then come back up, then back down again. The picture of the bottom of the quilt might show it more clearly.

Surprisingly, this made the border lie flatter (which is good) and seem more even! Yay. The flying geese border is a large meander.

I washed and dried this when it was done, as recommended by several bloggers who thinks it makes it more snuggly and lived-in. I think it makes it looks rumpled and used .... but these are the bloggers who use "thrift" as a verb and get excited about vintage pillowcases. Maybe not the best source of advice.

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