Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So much FUN

I've been reading Melody's adventures in her modified quilt-as-you-go with scraps and adding borders with connector strips. Melody linked to excellent tutorials from Marianne on how to do it. I thought - that looked fun and easy and would use up the pile of hand-dyed scraps which are BREEDING in my cupboard I swear - so I made some. I made a scrappy yellow/green square, a pinky/orange one, and a green one. I quilted them and joined them together and it was awesomely easy, and satisfying, and looks really cool.

So I made a purple one.

And a green one. There is also a brown one, that I didn't photograph, a pink one being quilted and a yellow one being pinned. This is addictive!!!

I'm going to make an enormous quilt - 100 x 100 - for our enormous bed so I'm trying to make every piece a multiple of ten (the purple is 30 x 30, the green is 20 x 50) and hope they will all fit together at the end. The glory is, if they don't fit, I can cut them in half, or any multiple of 10. I'm even using scraps of batting and ugly bits for backing. The piecing is random and depends on the size of the scraps in the cupboard ...

... or the pile ....

This is a lot of fun.


  1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I used to think, too, that once the children left, at least the house would be photographable for Ideal Home mag any day of the week. No... Part of the trouble, of course, is that though they've gone, their stuff is still very much with us. But that's not the whole solution.

    Those look lovely quilts though I would question your interpretation of the word "easy"....