Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Design wall ... bed

My alternative design wall, for projects too big for the sewing room floor, is the spare bed. It works well for spreading everything out and looking at it, except when there are visitors in it. Most houseguests don't take kindly to having bits of fabric strewn around their room. But we are visitor free at the moment, so today on the design bed I am auditioning the next border on my broderie perse medallion.

I decided to do a flying geese border after the red and yellow. It pained me, but I stuck to one fabric for the geese. I couldn't bring myself to do it for the cream backgrounds though! I have a very very strong scrappy instinct, that makes me want to use fifty fabrics instead of one.

I think the next border will be another plain one - a red narrow border and then another patterned fabric inside it. It will have to be a different red because I've used up the other one, but that's OK. At the moment the frontrunner for selection is the mid-blue with the pinky red paisley pattern on the far left.

I was thinking of using some more creams or golds - which is why the pile to the right below - but it made it too light in combination with the cream centre and the eye skipped over it. I like making medallion quilts because you get different decisions at each point so you have to stop and think about it ... but the risk is that stopping and thinking turns into just stopping.

We are having bleak and grey and windy weather at the moment - snow on the hills and two cats that have to be huddled together in a tight circle 24/7. For more design walls (including some real ones! not beds or floors!) see Judy's wonderful blog.


  1. Love your quilt, and the geese border.

  2. I also like the way the bordering geese look. It's a very striking quilt!