Friday, July 15, 2011

Raising artistic geniuses

It's school holiday time, and the distraction activities are up and running! The boys had a couple of days in a school holiday program, which they quite enjoyed (even though they moan a bit about it before they go). The rest of this week we're all at home together which is quiet but enjoyable - I feel a twinge of guilt about them not having the most exciting holidays in the world - but hey, life's not always a barrel of laughs when mum's having cancer treatment, and they understand that. Number one son decorated his t-shirt...

And number two son did a pillowcase with his latest interest / craze / obsession - Moshlings!!!

Moshlings are running my life at the moment - number two son is completely engrossed with playing them on-line, buying them on e-bay, drawing them and comparing them and marking them off on his chart. He has a collectors personality; we went through all this with thomas the tank engine, and dr who, and now it's .... Moshlings!!!!

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