Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quick and sunshiney

This circle and flower print with the aqua background has been staring at me for a while now. It was on top of the latest Hancock's pile, and made me think good bright happy thoughts. I didn't want to chop it up, so thought it would be good as a medallion, then used in subsequent borders. Good idea, but the lines of flower circles bore no relation to the grain line. Really, I shouldn't have expected them to.

So the middle area looks quite respectable. But the borders get more dodgy as you go out. I did enjoy making the flying geese (I seem to be on a flying geese roll) but had to just chop one end off to get it to even sit remotely flat. And there was no way the circles were going to sit neatly into the border! Here is my quilting shame in multi-colour close-up.

But it will be just fine for a baby quilt. A happy sunshiney baby.


  1. Lynley, I think it is a lovely, happy quilt. Don't give the Quilt Police a thought!!