Thursday, June 3, 2010

Black and white scrap is finished

And doesn't it look cute! I washed and dried it to make it sit a little bit better (wavy border issues) ... but it only made it look rumpled. Fortunately, I like rumpled! I've been happily quilting away these past week or two, finishing up things that I started at quilt retreat. I've also been getting my exhibition entries to a point where I can photograph them for the entry form - I'll post them here when I'm done.

And despite my little rant about AP&Q I have renewed my subscription, they were down to $60 for 20 issues, and the cover price is $9 each. So if I'd bought more than one out of every three from the newsagents (and I probably would have), then it makes more sense to subscribe. Sigh. But I can read them and pass them on, which will make me feel less like a mindless consumer. Not sure why :)

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