Friday, June 11, 2010

My happy birthday quilt

This is the other one I'm putting in the exhibition - in the "bed quilt" category. This quilt was a deliberate attempt to make something that would sit well with the other quilts - traditional and with colours that would stand out from a distance. I'm pleased with the result. I've bound it now and it looks good - it's not particularly complex or well made but I like the colours and the way that the borders work with the central medallion. It's hand quilted which adds a softness to the overall look.

I've called it "Happy Birthday to me" because the Saturday I'm doing floor duty at the exhibition is my 40th birthday! And if I have to walk around telling people not to touch the quilts I may as well get the odd "happy birthday" thrown in there too. I've put why I've called the quilt that in the catalogue, so we'll see if anyone reads it and my name tag and puts it together! Maybe, maybe not.

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