Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Squares and circles

This is the quilt I'm putting in the annual show in the "wall quilt" category. I'm not entirely sure what makes a wall quilt rather than a bed quilt - the dimensions allowed are much the same .... I think all quilts belong on beds! Well, at least all of mine do, but I'm happy to call it a wall quilt if that's what's needed. It's about 175 cm square (maybe 65 inches).

I like the colours of this quilt. The fabrics I dyed myself and they work well together because they play off the same yellow-green base. I'm not super thrilled with the quilting so far - it's not finished but I had trouble doing perfect circles, even with tracing the lines.

Someone at quilt retreat suggested spirals so that's what I'm going with. It was a great suggestion - gives the impression of circles and movements but if it's not a perfectly round shape it doesn't matter as much. So now I just have to finish it! My monofilament thread kept arguing with me so I've switched brands and we'll see if the new stuff is more compliant. And here are some wonderfully green wasabi peas in a yellow bowl. Pretty.

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