Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Curse you, school fete

Our primary school fete (sorry, it's a "fiesta") is in October, or possibly November, and I'm trying to think of things for the craft stall. Given that I'm working such a piddly amount this year I really should pull my finger out and be a little bit helpful ... but it's hard to think of things that would sell and aren't too much trouble to make.

Anyway, I'm trialling bag patterns to find something that is straightforward and looks good. This is a Robert Kaufmann free pattern (and freely adapted by me, it had a poofy bow on it that had to go) which went together well, but it sits oddly at the top. So I won't make any more. This one still might make it to the craft stall though! The colours are pretty.

And this weekend we enjoyed the fresh and crisp winter weather by going for a walk - this is just up behind my house. Would you think we lived in a city of nearly half a million people?

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