Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Done that, no need to do it again

Quilt camp was interesting - the good things were very fun, and the other things were as expected. Sitting and sewing with forty women in a room is very enjoyable. Everyone was as busy or as contemplative as they wanted to be; and they were all very nice and welcoming and good fun to talk to about all sorts of things! Some very beautiful quilts were being made too, although as usual I didn't quite find anyone who made them in the same way as me ... everyone else seems to be more ordered and planned and precise about every aspect of the design and construction. Mmmm.

The weather was appalling - rainy and freezing. The camp was beautifully set in bushland with lots of trees, which would be wonderful in summer but was very damp and gloomy last weekend. I went for a walk down the beach on Saturday afternoon during a brief dry spell - but look at that storm coming in from the sea! It hit with a vengeance at about dinner time.
This is the view from the dining hall, with lorikeets that would eat pieces of apple out of your hand. It was wonderful getting three hot meals a day (plus morning and afternoon tea and supper) cooked and served to you. We quickly learned to stick to our allotted meal time and avoid the 200 primary school students who were there on music camp! They were exceptionally well behaved but you can't have that many kids eating meals together without a phenomenal amount of noise.

So I don't know if I'll go on another one. I don't enjoy sharing a room, even though my roomy is a good friend and very easy to be around. And I got that slightly depressing feeling I get after just about every quilt show, that everyone is using the same words as me, but still speaking a different language.

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