Saturday, May 1, 2010

Remember the scraps?

This is what I decided to do with my brainless solid scrap sewing ... I went all Freddy Moran and combined it with black and white! This is not something I would ever have considered doing if I hadn't seen her quilts. I tend to think that soft solids need a soft setting, and would steer away from something so emphatic as black and white prints. BUT I did it, and I think it looks quite cool!

I made some kind of error in the border with the on-point squares. Either my maths or my sewing (or quite possibly both) was out of whack and it is a long way from square, with some alarming bubbles. Given that, I'm finishing it here and not adding on another couple of borders to make it into a double or queen size quilt.

I don't quite love it enough to unpick (I don't think I've ever loved anything enough to unpick). So I've sandwiched it up and will machine quilt it bubbles and all - I think it's about fifty inches square so a good size for a snuggle blanket. Is there a bad size for a snuggle blanket?

1 comment:

  1. fun!!! it doesn't matter if it has bubbles and the squares in the border aren't quite right - you'll never notice it while you're cuddled up on the sofa.