Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Medallion quilt

Here's a quilt I finished last year and it's one of my favourites ... do I say that about all of them? Probably. It's a random medallion - I made the middle with raw-edge applique (machine stitched down) then thought about the borders and added them as I went.

Unfortunately I had a problem with the nine-patches on point and had to cut them off halfway round the border one one side. And I measured and everything!!! Sounds like the same problem I had with the black and white one, either my adding or my sewing is seriously off. Although I think the most recent one was much better, so perhaps I'm improving.

Anyway the problem with the border meant this can't really be an exhibition quilt, which is a shame because I love the colours and the warmth of it. It's hand quilted with echo quilting around the applique and just in straight lines over the borders. This quilt is an example of using the ugliest fabric - the background colour for the central applique is an ugly purply-pink that just does not go with anything normally, but just seems to fit happily here. I'm re-visiting this idea (applique medallion with borders) for my show quilt this year, and paying more attention to the fit. Seriously!

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