Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Minus two minus three minus four

Goddamn there have been some frosty mornings here in the wintry capital. It makes for good sleeping ... but hard getting out of bed. We've gone into the winter parliamentary break which is an excellent chance to get some actual work done, and has the added advantage of being able to lower the dress standard, and wear woolly cardigans to work. And fluffy socks.

Number two son had a couple of friends to sleep over on Friday night. This is their nest in front of the TV - I think they were off destroying the kitchen at the time. Not that I'm complaining, they tidied up and put the dishwasher on! The influence of better parents than I am. It's the last week of term and it's showing the difference between year 9 (movie appreciation and chocolate brownies) and year 11 (assessments and stress). It'll be nice for them to have a wee winter break too.

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