Friday, July 6, 2018

Santa Fail

So many years ago I made some improvised triangle things in sort of 'Santa Fe' colours - turquoise and ochre and fuchsia. But it didn't work out properly, and I didn't like the next border of chevrons so I chucked it in the bottom of a drawer and ignored it. As part of my current  drive to "use up what you have and stop shopping for god's sake" I pulled it out of the drawer, whacked some borders on it and finished it off.

I'm still not a super big fan of it. The triangles are a bit odd - they look a bit haphazard and blobby. I didn't want to put anything complicated around it, so it's just a plain border or two and some half-square triangles.

The quilting is circles of different sizes ... or at least they're meant to be circles! I don't think I picked the most even bit of quilting to take a photo of, some of them are quite like real circles. It's all freehand, in case you can't tell...

I've been trying for a while to find a time without rain or a line full of washing, but this morning I gave up and got my husband to hold it. Unfortunately the quilt had been in the sofa in the "yet to be photographed" spot for slightly too long and when I went to find it it had gone ... unearthed on number two's bed after five minutes searching, but it does look a bit rumpled. The name might be a bit harsh but I couldn't resist.

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