Friday, June 29, 2018

19 gun salute for ME

Normally my arrival at work is unremarked but this week I got a 19 gun salute!!! Well, not me exactly, it was the visiting Prime Minister of Vanuatu but our arrivals exactly coincided so I stopped to pretend I was in the motorcade, inspect the Federation Guard, say gidday to Malcolm and Lucy, sing along with two national anthems and have my ear drums blown out by a 19 gun salute.  Actually I didn't count them so it could have been less.

There weren't many people there - normally it's protestors with visiting heads of state but even the most avid activist can't get too outraged by Vanuatu - so it was mostly public servants procrastinating getting to their desks and some primary school children who seemed a bit confused and probably couldn't find Vanuatu on a map. Although it is quite hard to find, being very small.  These photos don't show that it was exactly zero degrees. Our poor South Pacific visitors would have been struggling.

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