Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Coastal wildlife

Back down the beach this weekend - a short break from the minus five mornings before they started up again on Monday....  The coast was cold, but so lovely during the day I forgave it the frosty mornings. Mid-morning walks were particularly delightful - down at the river with the pelicans.

This intrepid group are the ocean swimmers off for their few km round the headland. Crazy. Seriously, it was freezing, and if I had put myself in the water even with a full length wetsuit I think my heart would have stopped. That kind of clear cold that you don't even know is cold until your blood freezes and you fall, lifeless, to the bottom of the ocean. The group looked very chipper. I don't think they know what's in store for them.

I was at the beach with friends who are thinking about a place of their own down there. So I went with them to an open home round at Maloney's Beach, which is a lovely little enclave of houses tucked into the national park. Which is great for wildlife ... except that wildlife sucks. It eats all your grass, leaves a literal carpet of shit everywhere and drives your dogs insanely crazy. We saw a Pomeranian chase four kangaroos down the road despite being about a tenth of their size. Pomeranians are not known for their sound common sense - do you know how kangaroos kill dogs? They get them into a pond or dam and drown them by holding them underwater. This is TRUE, and can be googled.

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