Friday, March 30, 2018

Two photos of the sky

So much going on, and none of it interesting. Just work, and trying to keep track of whatever the boys are up to. Number one is enrolled in an undergraduate university course! He's still got a couple of years at school, but the Australian National University run courses for secondary school students, which actually count as credits apparently. We will see how it goes. We were very encouraging (it's free).

My Dad and I went down the beach for the weekend and it was wonderful! He couldn't swim because of a bad cut on his leg, but I leapt in both days; there was a fairly solid swell and some good surf. It's always nice to be by the sea...

And here is another photo of the sky taken when I was leaving work. I was all frazzled and cranky and stomped up from the underground car park (I had to park in the overflow carpark down the hill because I was in late) to see this lovely sky. It was calm and clear and by the time I reached the car I felt much better.

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  1. Good for Son 1. And I'm glad you were soothed by the sky. Nature is very calming, I find. The sky and the sea and the trees will all still be there when all our little troubles are long forgotten.