Friday, March 9, 2018

Girly weekend

I went down the beach last weekend just with a friend and it was delightful! I like being on my own but I also like company, especially company that is happy to swim and eat and nap and watch silly television and chat. The weather was just beautiful and we had lots of swims.

Weirdly the sea spat up a heap of sea foam on the Saturday afternoon. We don't usually get that down there. And this is why I love blogging, because it made me actually google sea foam, which I would never have done before, and I learnt something new. The sea was also an unusual green colour, so there might have been algae breakdown or possibly seaweed. It certainly did not stop us swimming.

I went for a short walk but the broken toe is still a bit sore if I spend more than about half an hour walking. I went for a swim in the pool at my work on Thursday which was lovely - it's only 25 metres so I'm not sure how much of a workout it is. The main problem is I then spend the afternoon feeling relaxed and snoozy. And that has been my exercise for the last few weeks, which isn't enough.

Pam that photo of the dog in the last post does have the same quilt in it - I took it from the back, so that's the edge of the brown backing fabric. I don't have quilts hanging randomly around the garden although, now you mention it, it might look pretty cool....

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  1. Oh yes, I see it now. It looks different bigger with the light shining differently on it.