Sunday, March 18, 2018

Still hot

I know I complain a lot about the weather, but it is another 30 degree and windy day, and I'm wondering if winter will ever be here? I know I own cardigans and tights and scarves but I haven't seen them in six months and I'm wondering if I'll ever need them again. In a rare moment of marital togetherness my husband and I took the dog for a walk this morning and I was dripping sweat, at 9 am, at a slow meander (the dog's legs are very short). I am over this heat...

Here is a photo of downtown Sydney from the Law Faculty building of the University of Sydney, where I went on Friday for the day for a conference. It was a long day but worth it to hear some seriously smart people talk about the other side (i.e. the non-pragmatic, non-political side) of something I spend a lot of time thinking about at the moment.  My husband texted me to see how it was going and I said I felt like a teletubby - which is something I usually say when I'm around thin fashionable people - except this time it was the mental rather than physical. I felt I had the intellectual wattage of Lala, or possibly Tinkywinky. Groups of people discussing complex topics in complete sentences, or even paragraphs, when I'd still be struggling with articulating a word or two. I did enjoy it, but I didn't say much.

'd never been to this university before, and it has some cute old bits. I never did find out why there was a boat there. The building I was in was super modern with far too much glass and grills (I prefer a real wall when I'm more than one storey up) but it did look very cool and had wonderful views. Sydney airport on the way home was having some kind of meltdown - every flight was delayed, I think it was air traffic control - but I made it home eventually ... my Dad had made the family fish from NZ for dinner. It is lovely to have him here, although we haven't seen much of him this weekend (stamp show....)

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