Thursday, March 15, 2018

I've been sick

Nothing major, just a head cold, but it completely ruined my plans for a productive weekend. I had intended to use my first peaceful weekend at home for ages in doing useful things (and sewing, yes) but I started to feel sick Friday afternoon and spent Saturday and Sunday with a fever and dreadful aches and pains. Nothing serious, and started to come right on Sunday afternoon, but what a nuisance. Monday was a public holiday, which I spent packing to fly to Toowoomba on Monday afternoon for work (three hours in a propellor plane, dear god).

But Toowoomba is a lovely town, lots of gardens and parks, and the weather was delightful. I didn't see a great deal of it but took the photo because I liked the bit of public art. Love some reflective public art. Home again on Wednesday afternoon and arrived in the airport half an hour before my dad who is over from New Zealand for a visit! Lovely. I am not looking forward to getting in a plane again tomorrow morning but I will be home tomorrow night and this time I am going to have a proper weekend.

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