Sunday, April 16, 2017

What was in the cupboards

Part of cleaning out the cupboards for the loom (and related items) was seeing for the first time the size of the "orphan block" pile - I had just been shoving random stuff in the tub for some years now. Orphan blocks happen when I can't count properly and make too many, or make a few extra just in case, or try a block or two and don't like them, or make them wrong and chuck them in the tub rather than unpicking. I hate unpicking.  So for my next project I sewed together stuff from the tub. It was very quick and easy.

I have enough left over for another one, and I think I'll do another one. I like these random quilts - they have a certain charm. And it's a trip down memory lane for me because I can remember where the blocks came from, or which quilt they were meant to be in. Some are ten years old.

It's quilted in a thin spiral, not very adventurous but this type of quilt doesn't deserve anything too fancy.  It's called "Awkward Breakfast". Hope you are all having a lovely Easter! Mine has been great so far, and still two days to go...


  1. Your orphans have become one big happy family - a heartwarming Easter tale.

  2. I really like this one, Lynley. Di M